The Arthur Washington Sexytet

Music Cafe 5.30 - 8:00pm

Arthur Washington  guitar 

Jerry Washington  guitar 

Chris O’Dea  tenor saxophone  

Bradford Child  tenor saxophone  

Matt Lamb  contrabass  

Arthur Washington is a talented young jazz guitarist from Sydney who has been playing jazz in Sydney for over a decade. He cut his teeth touring extensively up and down the east coast of Australia with his father and well known Jazz Violinist, George Washingmachine. Arthur’s energetic style of playing derives from the traditional gypsy jazz style created by Django Reinhardt in the 1940’s. His band The Arthur Washington Sexytet play every Wednesday at the Cricketers arms in Surry Hills where once a month the band grows to a nine piece band which includes five saxophones, two guitars, double bass and drums. The Cricketers Arms is now a notorious spot for fellow musicians to come sit in so the band can growing to ten or eleven members some nights. The music is swinging and lots of fun and brings the punters back again and again each week. So if you like swinging out to the sounds of the 1940’s with a new school edge, then you’ll love Arthur and his Sexytet featuring Sydney Saxophone legend, Bradford Child