Jason Bruer & Hammerhead

Music Cafe 11.30am - 2pm

Jason Bruer  tenor saxophone, arranger, composer 

Simon Ferenci  trumpet 

Kim Lawson  alto saxophone 

Greg Coffin  piano 

Brendan Clarke  contrabass 

Dave Goodman   drums & cymbals  

Powerhouse sextet Hammerhead burst onto the Sydney scene some years ago playing from a catalogue of music largely inspired by the late 50s and early 60s ‘Hard Bop’ movement. Over time the music has morphed into a set of all original compositions from the pen of the band.  

leader & tenor saxophonist Jason Bruer, showcasing his versatility & eclectic array of influences including hard edged 'Urban Jazz', 'Funk', 'Hard Bop' and 'Chamber Jazz' illustrating a considerable contemporary shift in approach & style. The band released their debut CD 'Mozaic' in 2014 to critical acclaim and has risen in stature over the last few years. Their exciting performances have seen them featured at a number of prominent Jazz festivals around the Country including Wangaratta Jazz Festival, Manly Jazz Festival, Thredbo Jazz Festival,Capitol Jazz Festival & they have also ‘sold out’ shows at Gods Cafe in Canberra and at the Woolongong Conservatoire of Music. They have had a monthly residency at Lazybones Lounge in Sydney for over 4 years. 

“Melodies that you can hold onto, grooves that get under your skin, an electricity that reminds you of first listening to jazz as a teenager” - musicaustralia.org