Recital Hall East 1pm

Peter Koopman  guitar  

Shannon Stitt  keyboards 

Michael Avgenicos  tenor saxophone  

Paul Derricott  drums and cymbals  

“Of course, there’s an exception to every rule, and when it comes to this particular pet peeve of mine, I’ve never been happier to have a band prove me wrong as wrong as COAST do with their phenomenal self-titled debut. Every aspect of COAST embodies what “modern” jazz should represent. Over the course of the album’s six brilliant tracks, the quartet executes jazz’s greatest traits with precision and agility.“ - heavy blog is heavy 2018 

“Derricott has always been one of our most surprising drummers, technically exciting while at ease in any improvisational situation, creating effortlessly and colourfully. The Coast ensemble could not have been better chosen to bring his vision to life – Shannon Stitt on keys, guitarist Peter Koopman and Michael Avgenicos on sax” – John Hardaker, Words about Music  

"These Australian musicians on Paul Derricott's latest recording represent the finest calibre of musicians playing improvised music today. The playing is excellent and creative and everyone pays close attention to the sound that they get from their instruments. I love the compositions and the Aussie flavor of all the players." – Aussie Jazz Legend, Sean Wayland 

‘This is fresh modern music that is beautiful, energising, inventive, creative…beautifully played, thoughtfully conceived, interesting, funky and lyrical all at the same time. I highly recommend immersing yourself in this wonderful band that is immediately accessible and rewards repeat listening’- Sandy Evans OA