BBGG/Melanie & Laura

Recital Hall West 4pm

Laura Altman  clarinet   

Melanie Herbert violin

Dale Gorfinkel  vibraphone  

Peter Farrar  saxophone  

NB this performance consists of two DUO sets of 25mins duration

BBGG + Melanie and Laura 

Peter, Dale, Laura and Melanie are mates who connected through their involvement with the inquisitive Sydney improvised music scene. They’ve been playing music together in various configurations for almost two decades. Some of these projects include Splinter Orchestra, Prophets, BB+CAM, Farfinkel Pugowski, TQF4M1 …as well as these 2 duos: 

The recently formed duo of Melanie and Laura could be described as a very natural progression from over a decade of creative exchanges, musical collaborations, and a deep friendship. With the violin and clarinet and an array of objects and gadgets, Laura and Mel intuitively navigate the colours and textures of their instruments to create sensitive and free-flowing music. 

Peter Farrar and Dale Gorfinkel's music is ever-evolving, with the exploration of sonic possibilities a main focus. Each performance can sound quite different. Past iterations have included their unique modifications of instruments such as vibraphone, saxophone, trumpet, electric guitar, and electronics, as well as self-made instruments such as Dale's acoustic synthesiser, made from balloons, hoses, and garden irrigation taps.